Exclusive Specialties



TeeNageela campers enjoy elective programming- time set aside to do what you enjoy most! Here are some of the special options for teens.

Videography YouTube here we come!! Experience the full gamut of creating a video- developing the script, directing the filming and editing the soundtrack recording. Create a movie and a music video in camp! Work on our state of the art equipment as you discover new skills in this exciting field!

Wilderness Enjoy the outdoors? Well here is your chance to spend some amazing time seeing what nature has to offer. Hike in the woods, build fires and learn wilderness and teamwork skills. This elective is a perfect way to enjoy that fresh mountain air and have fun! Wilderness is a specialty offered to girls. Teen boys can join the new Wilderness Academy!

Sports (TeeNageela Boys): Hooked on sports? Can’t get enough? Well here is what you’ve been waiting for! A special league designed for those that love spending time on the court. Combining competition with teamwork and sportsmanship, this league also travels to compete against teams from other Jewish camps.

Icare (TeeNageela Girls): Be a Leader and Change the World! This special program is perfect for High School students who are dedicated to helping the community. Projects include providing food to the needs, assisting the elderly and handicapped, and running programs for special needs children. Participants in this program can earn community service hours……










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