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Teens Waiter | Waitress
Segueing from the incredible Teen program to a staff-type position, includes the best of both worlds.

Waiters and Waitresses are TEENS!!! The fun continues as participants enjoy the fun, friends and activities that make the teen program the renowned program that it is. With the exclusive teen specialties, an even later curfew and more nights out, this program creates one incredible summer!!

The Waiter/Waitress Program Gearing to teens entering 11 th grade, this is our ‘transition year’ in camp – offering the benefits of the camper experience, while incorporating a level of responsibility and leadership opportunity.

Responsibility – Waiter/Waitresses are empowered with schedules and daily routines to carry out with minimal supervision. Waiter/Waitresses are included in the ‘planning process’ and asked to evaluate their success throughout the summer.

Service – Interaction with campers and staff as a waiter/waitress is a great customer service experience. The girls/boys are coached in providing service to others in a friendly and cheerful way, and how to respond to ‘unfriendly customers’.

Self-initiation – Waiter/Waitresses have the opportunity to plan their camp schedule so as to synchronize with their job responsibility. Creative thought sessions on how to maximize on time, camp experience, creating positive memories from waitering/waitressing, and building their own ideas, all enhance planning, teamwork skills, and creative process.

Leadership – Waiters/Waitresses carry leadership roles in camp-wide events such as Color War, Bunk Night, and more. The younger campers look to them as role models and they are encouraged to fill that role appropriately.

Independence - The waiter/waitress schedule fosters a higher level of independence in daily structure like wakeup and curfew, empowering them to stick to camp guidelines for their own benefit based on honor code rather than direct supervision."




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