Teen Life

A day in TeeNageela Boys

There are about 12 typical days. The rest of the days include trips and special events


Wake-up -  Good Morning Camp Nageeeeeeela! Which teen wants to get out of bed? A Nageela teen!


Breakfast at camp kicks the day off! Will it be cereal with milk? Scrambled eggs? French toast? Music plays in the background while announcements are made, everybody is pumped up for the day that follows.


Cleanup – teens return to their bunks to straighten things up and make sure things are in order before starting their day.


Sports Leagues – Teens compete in exciting games of baseball, basketball, football, hockey, soccer or volleyball. Who will be the ultimate winner when the tournament finishes?


Bunk Activity – Today, the activities are paintball, sushi making, boating, and archery.


Lunch – After a busy morning, everybody has an appetite for lunch. On the menu today is baked ziti and salad bar. During lunch, some teens do a comedy routine for the whole camp.


Jewish Jamming – Teens split up into small groups to join a lively discussion about a Jewish life value.


Rest Period – Time to chill! Today the pool is open for any teens looking to take a dip on a hot summer day, and the canteen will be open too, for anyone who’s interested in an ice cream bar or ice slushie.


Hobbies – Teens sign up for the hobbies they’re interested in, whether it is woodworking, cooking, personal training, or Super Smash Brothers.


Snack – Some fruit and pretzels will tide campers over until it’s supper time.


Sports Leagues II- Hard to keep teens away from what they love! (Nature and wilderness option for those whose interests go beyond sports.)


Flag Lowering and Tefila - Get togethers are the best, and a time to reflect on the kindness and goodness we experience each day.


Supper - Hungry? Not when dinner is over. Tonight we have a barbeque!


Night Activity – Camp  wide challenge – Minute to Win It!


Night Club - Get involved in some intellectual stimulation with a peer or staff member.


Late night activity exclusively for teens! Tonight is glow in the dark Volleyball followed by night swim in the indoor pool!





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