Safety and Care


Medical Care

The Camp Nageela infirmary is well-stocked and our medical staff is prepared to deal with any medical situation that might arise. All medication that campers bring to camp is kept in the infirmary and is distributed by the camp nurse.


Camp Nageela works closely with the local volunteer ambulance corps, Hatzalah, to secure immediate medical care should the need arise. Please note, Camp Nageela requires all campers to have medical insurance. If a family does not have medical insurance, please contact the office to receive a release form assuming responsibility for any incurred costs.


Campers in Camp Nageela enjoy three kosher and wholesome meals a day as well as snack. The camp will provide for those on special diets including vegetarian, lactose intolerance and gluten free. If you have a different allergy or a special diet, please contact the office before camp to arrange accommodations.


An important part of the camp experience is adjusting to being away from home. Our staff is well-trained to help your child adapt to camp life. If you have any concerns about how your child is adjusting while in camp, please call our office to speak with the Camp Mom/Dad.






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