Jewish Life

Camp Nageela prides itself on creating a Jewish haven
for children and teens of all backgrounds and affiliations


Rather than focusing on our differences, Camp Nageela is an environment that espouses core Jewish values in a way everyone feels comfortable and welcomed.

In Camp Nageela, Jewish life isn’t taught, it’s caught. Jewish values and ideals are integrated into our daily program. It is our goal in Camp Nageela that each and every child returns home infused with Jewish pride.

It is our pleasure at Camp Nageela to help facilitate our campers’ Jewish learning while in camp.


Campers are offered sessions catering to his/her Jewish background knowledge. For interested campers, Camp Nageela organizes and arranges Bar/Bat Mitzvah preparations and ceremonies in camp and throughout the year.


Shabbat in Camp Nageela is the highlight of the week! Our special program begins with a moving Kabbalat Shabbat late Friday afternoon and concludes with a Havdallah ceremony on Saturday night.


The program throughout the day is different than the rest of the week and campers enjoy special activities only done on Shabbat.

Shabbat meals are delicious and feature many traditional favorites- including fresh baked challah, gefilte fish, matza ball soup and cholent!


It is customary in Camp Nageela that campers dress nicely on Shabbat.













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