Camp Life

The camp life creates the opportunity for

incredible friendships that last a lifetime!

All campers in camp are bunked according to grade. Before the summer, campers can complete the bunk request’ form and request to be with specific campers.  We do the best we can to make sure that every child bunks with as many friends as possible. 

Some camp activities are enjoyed by the entire bunk. Many other activities are chosen by each individual camper so s/he can enjoy programs that best suit his/her interests. The result is a well-rounded program that allows every child to learn new skills, try new things and most importantly have a great time.

Campers often keep in touch with each other throughout the year and many attend Nageela programs in their hometowns including Shabbaton weekends, holiday parties, JIL or Batya groups and more. Please contact our office if you would like to bring a Nageela year-round program to your area.






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