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Camp Nageela East has welcomed thousands of Jewish boys and girls into our camp over the past 25 years. All boys and girls grades 3-10 find their place in Camp Nageela through the warm and welcoming environment that is felt from the moment you step on grounds. There are two, four-week sessions each summer in camp, one for girls and one for boys. The single gender experience creates a pressure-free environment that allows the joyous spirit of our camp to shine in all its strength.


All Jewish denominations agree on certain values fundamental to Judaism. Rather than focusing on our style of observance, Camp Nageela focuses on imparting core values in a way that sparks our campers interest in discovering and learning about the details. In this way, children from any background feel comfortable and welcomed.

All meals and snacks in camp are kosher and Shabbat is celebrated and enjoyed as the highlight of the week by all our campers- regardless of their observance at home. Nageela campers return home after a camp session as proud members of the Jewish people.

Nageela staff members are chosen for their passion in encouraging children to have fun and appreciate their Jewish identity. Our staff practices Traditional Jewish observance and live by its values of caring, warmth, and joy of living. Campers love that the staff is so much fun. Parents love that their children have positive role models to respect. Camp Nageela East is a project of the Jewish Educational Program of Long Island (JEP-LI) and is part of the national Nageela Joyfully Jewish Experiences camping movement. Nageela- Let us Rejoice! Bringing fun to your summer, joy to your life!








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