Nageela Value Cluster

Camp Nageela prides itself in making life's experiences joyful

To that effect, we define four main values that everything in Camp Nageela aims for. These values are infused throughout all our programs and activities, with the goal of imparting the lessons and ideals they represent to our campers. These values form the Nageela Value Cluster.


1 Discovery is about discovering yourself and your strengths; growing to become the true you. We strive to bring out skills our campers never knew you had or never used to their fullest potential. It's also about discovering the leader within each person.

2 Community is all about living together, caring and being there for each other. There is no better setting than sleep-away camp to experience living as a group, working as a team and helping and supporting each other. This emphasis on community encourages our campers to create solid friendships and overlook the faults of others.

3 Exploration is focused on exploring the world around us and what it has to offer. It includes expanding our campers horizons in nature, the sciences and living skills. Exploring leads to a newfound appreciation of our surroundings.

4 Joyfully Jewish is exactly that! Being joyful that we're Jewish, bringing out the joy and satisfaction in our
heritage. It's living and experiencing our history and culture; cultivating a strong sense of Jewish pride in each camper. Every week we pick four campers, one for each category, who have exemplified themselves in these areas. These campers are then inducted in a camp wide ceremony to the Nageela Values Cluster with the backdrop of the waving Camp Nageela flag.







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