Visiting Day

Visiting Day is open to people interested in visiting
a camper and for families of potential campers

Camp Nageela opens camp to visitors on one Sunday of each session.
Visiting Day 2018 for girls is Sunday, July 15. There is no scheduled visiting day for boys summer 2018.

Most camp activities are open on this day for the entire family to enjoy. A gourmet lunch buffet is served to all campers and visitors, free of charge. The camp staff is available throughout the day to assist in any way possible and to answer any questions that you have.


Visiting day also provides parents with an opportunity to say thank you to staff members with a tip. (See Suggested Tipping Schedule in the Parent and Camper Guide.)

Those campers who will not be having visitors enjoy a day of special activities.

Registration for the coming summer opens on this day with special Visiting Day only discounts.








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