Camp Nageela is pleased to offer SCUBA DIVING Certification as a specialty once again for summer 2013! Participants in the program will learn the necessary skills to achieve scuba diving certification, all taught by professional instructors. At the end of the course, participants will be tested for certification. Scuba certification is only needed once in a lifetime!


A new SURVIVAL CAMP for Jewish teenage boys to open this summer where campers live in platform tents and learn basic wilderness survival skills needed to live off the land, including fire-making, building survival shelters, water collection and purification, identifying wild edibles, and how to make traps, bows and arrows, fishing spears and more. This program promotes maturity and emotional growth unparalleled by any other program.


All campers in Camp Nageela have the option to choose specialty programs during activities within the regular camp schedule. Options include: woodworking, studio, art, guitar, magic, food creations, karate, zumba, gymnastics, tennis clinic and basketball clinic. TeeNageela campers have additional options including vidoegraphy, icare community service and culinary arts.










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