Financial Aid FAQ



How much money does the fund award to each family?


Unlike our camper incentive grants, scholarship amounts vary. The goal of our scholarship fund and our administering scholarship committee is to provide each family with the necessary assistance to make camp a reality while helping as many families as possible. Rabbi Wurem acts as the liaison representing each family (anonymously) to our scholarship committee to ensure that we do our best to maximize our scholarship funds and help every family appropriately.


Our income is generally higher than most need-based financial programs accept. What are the barometers to determine if we are altogether eligible for scholarship assistance?

The Nageela scholarship fund does not determine eligibility solely on income guidelines. We ask all families to complete our comprehensive scholarship application and invite families to elaborate on their specific needs should you feel that you application does accurately represent your family circumstances. We reiterate the our goal is to make camp a reality for every child and we work with each family individually to do our best to make that happen.


I did not yet register for camp because I am no sure we can afford it. How can I register for camp if I do not yet know the scholarship amount I will receive?


In the event that the scholarship allocated from our committee is insufficient for your family, please contact our office within 2 weeks of the notification from the scholarship committee and request (in writing) to refuse your camp scholarship and cancel your camp application. At that time, we will withdraw your camp application and all money deposited (including the initial deposit) will be returned to you.







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