Wilderness Program



Wilderness is a new survival camp for Jewish teenage boys.
Campers will live in platform tents in the lush forests of Upstate New York.

In this program, teen boys learn basic wilderness survival skills needed to live off the mainland including fire-making, building basic and advanced survival shelters, water collection and purification, how to set traps and how to identify wild edibles.

They will also build bows and arrows, fishing spears, watercraft, and woodware (tools and utensils made of wood) among other creative projects. Participants will also learn the basics of gardening and animal care as we grow our own food and raise animals. Campers will also be divided into groups, with the guidance of a counselor, to construct a building project of their choosing with the use of saws and ropes. This is but a small selection of the skills that are gained through this program.

In addition, the group will go on approximately one hike or other outdoor trips per week.


In addition to wilderness survival, the campers also learn about their Jewish heritage and customs both through discussions/sessions and through a very hands-on approach. They learn and practice, hands-on, the methods of kosher preparation of meat from start to finish. Another highlight is “Shabbat in the Wild”, where they make camp in the woods and prepare food for Shabbat, following the Traditions in a situation almost identical to the time when Shabbat was first kept by the Jews in the wilderness 3000 years ago.

Our program is also designed to promote emotional growth as well. The overall goal of WILDERNESS is to create an alternative to the typical summer camp experience in which the values of working as a group and the belief that one can accomplish anything so long as he puts his mind to it are taught and practiced daily.

Combined with the encouragement of positive values to create a safe environment in which one can realize the true happiness comes through hard work, this program promotes maturity and emotional growth unparalleled by any other program.

Currently, WILDERNESS is housed on a satellite acreage located just two miles from the main Camp Nageela campus.
There is an additional $250 fee to join this program. See you there!!






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